Trailride at Gasselte

Last weekend it was time again for the first physical ecie activity of the year! Parafridders left for Gasselte to explore the woods together in the lovely weather. This was also the first parafrid outdoor ride since.... Since when actually? In any case, it was WAY too long ago. The members set off in three groups, but not all went off without a hitch. Some members chose a career as a bowling ball over riding and rolled right off the horse (ahum Pat, Jessica still has tips for a good strike ;). This could not spoil the fun however, and the ride was a lot of fun. All members enjoyed it very much and I think they can't wait until the next ride together.

Club weekend 2021

Club weekend 2021

We started this beautiful weekend at a considerable height in the climbing park. We took on the challenge with beautiful helmets and...

Almanak social

Almanak social

What I want to tell about the almanac social in the present moment may be a thing of the past, but future readers would have wished they...


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