Board 2018-2019 "ODESSA"

With the name Odessa we want to pay a tribute to the Groninger horse breed. Odessa is a Groninger model mare. The Groninger horse originated as a lighter workhorse, where it was used for carriages, transport and throughout the war. After the First World War the use of lighter horses decreased due to mechanization. In order to be able to continue to compete in heavy agriculture, the Groninger breed has been transformed into a heavy warm-blooded horse. After the Second World War, agriculture was also taken over by machinery. From then on the Groninger breed started to adapt to the equestrian sport. This turned the Groninger horse into a versatile riding horse. The way in which Groninger horses have been able to adapt to the wishes of the environment over time is also the way in which we want to manage Parafrid in the coming year. We hope to introduce changes and, if necessary, some drastic innovations to meet the wishes and needs of the members and the association. The Groninger horse is thereby a good, willing horse for hard work. They are accessible, willing to work hard and very loyal. We also hope to radiate this zest for work and loyalty to you throughout the upcoming year, in which we are prepared to commit 100% to you and the association, and to remain sober and focused in times of renewal or unrest. Odessa is an ideal image of how we see the Groninger horse and therefore us as your board members. We hope to work hard this year to bring about major changes for the association, where we are committed to a great success, an even more beautiful association for everyone, and thus taking the first step towards a new chapter for Parafrid!

Finally, an ode to this horse breed is of course an expression of pride in our most beautiful student city Groningen, where Parafrid is located, and where every year can enjoy all of its possibilities.

Board Odessa consists of:

Heleen Scholtens - Chairman

Hannah Kaptijn - Secretary

Jessica Pearson - Treasurer

Jitske Hoogland - Events commissioner


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