Board 2019-2020 "ZENITH"

The name “Zenith” has different meanings for us. We want to make a tribute to the jumping horse “SFN Zenith” of the jumping horse thrust the Netherlands. In 2019 Jeroen Dubbeldam, his permanent rider, decided that is was time for Zenith to retire. He had a couple of successes, in 2014 they became, both with the Dutch team and as individual, world champion. In 2015 they became European champion. Zenith said goodbye to the sports during Indoor Brabant by making a lap of honour with Jeroen. During this, the jumping horse thrust gave Zenith to his rider Jeroen Dubbeldam, whom then became the owner of Zenith. Jeroen said Zenith was a horse that would never quit, this is what we also want to do as a board for the members and the association.

The literal meaning of “zenith” is peak or the highest point at the night sky seen from the observer. Everyone has his or her own peak and we pursue that everyone will get the change to develop themselves maximally at G.S.P.V. Parafrid. This can be done at different areas, for example at riding, but also in committees or in the board to establish other skills. We also want that G.S.P.V. Parafrid has the change to develop maximally for the members, and that’s why we want to make change where needed for the benefit of the members and the association.

Board Zenith consists of:

Iris Haveman - Chairmen
Samarja Haakmeester - Secretary
Merel Hartog - Treasurer
Nathalie Kroeze - Events commissioner 


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