Board 2023-2024 "CAPRILLI"

We are proud to present Captain Federico Caprilli. Caprilli was the inventor of the ‘forward seat’, which is the modern day technique used by all jumping riders today. In the distance you can vaguely hear Danielle scream ‘hakken omlaag en billen uit het zadel! - heels down, ass out!’. Caprilli’s technique encourages the horse, it creates balance between the rider and the horse and assures the best position to take up any obstacles that come in the way. We will move forward, taking up any obstacles that come in our way, working together for you and with you to create balance, trust and the best cooperation for this upcoming year. 

Board 'Caprilli' wants to enlighten the association and move forward, what better way than to do that on the horse. We build the jump, you take it.

Love, board 'Caprilli'

Chairperson - Emma Scherphof

Secretary - Ellen Westhoff

Treasurer - Pauline Prochnow

Events Commissioner - Maaike van der Gaag

General Board member - Tamara Suurd

From left to right: Maaike, Ellen, Emma, Pauline, Tamara

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