Board 2021-2022 "DEMANTUR"

​​​​​​​In 2021, the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games took place. Like many of you, we truly enjoyed watching all nice performances of our Dutch delegates. One of these was Sanne Voets, together with her horse: Demantur.

Together, this combination won many prices. Not only did they win the first (Dutch) golden medal in dressage, they also won national and European championships. "If you allow yourself to be constrained by your handicap, you won't get far", is a statement of Sanne Voets. Board Demantur believes it is of high importance to see and seize opportunities. We see it as our goal to help everyone at Parafrid to get the best out of theirselves. Obviously, this differs per person. Whilst one person still has to learn the basics of horseriding, others aim to develop their skills in a certain discipline. Board Demantur aims to offer a diverse offer regarding activities but also with regards to the lessons, so there is room for everyone within the association. 

Board Demantur consists of:

Anke Kuper           -   Chairman
Nina Bakker          -   Secretary
Noa van Beek       -   Treasurer
Iris Splinter            -   Events Commissioner
Linda van Dijk       -   General Boardmember

Bestuur 'Demantur'

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