Board 2022-2023 "Marwari"

If you let yourself leave the cold and rain of the Netherlands and wander down to the south-west of India, there you will find our boards namesake - the Marwari horse. A rare and unique breed thought to have descended from warhorses, Marwaris are hardy and resilient creatures with a rich history. Due to culminating negative conditions and the decreased need for horses in the modern world, Marwaris were on the verge of extinction but ended up being saved. Likewise, we had our share of struggles and challenges that have been overcome to bring you the board you see before you today.

As the first international board, we are ready to see what the future holds for us, and are ready to turn another page in Parafrid’s history book. The Marwari horse’s unique feature is its heart-shaped ears; board Marwari will pour her heart into Parafrid. Like one northern Indian clan which believed that the Marwari horse could only leave the battlefield under one of three conditions – victory, death, or carrying a wounded master to safety – we will strive to achieve greatness and build a strong and supportive community. With love, board Marwari.

Tamara Suurd - Chairperson

Sophia Nimsgarn - Secretaris

Autumn George - Treasurer

Jarna Bruinsma - Events Commissioner

Autumn George - General Board Member


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