An association is of course nothing without its active members. This also counts for Parafrid. We have various committees, in which our members make the commitment to turn Parafrid into the sociable association as we know it today. Below are the committees that support Parafrid are listed.

The Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has the responsibility to supervise the realizations of the goals of the board. After each board meeting, the Supervisory Board carefully reads the minutes and gives the board solicited and unsolicited advice on everything that has to do with the association. The Supervisory Board consists of former board members who have a lot of knowledge about the association.

This year the Supervisory Board consists of:

Beryl Dekker (Chairman’15/’16)
Anoek Hietkamp (Chairman ’16/’17)
Claudia Doff (Chairman '17/'18)

The Financial Committee

The Financial Committee basically checks on the money. The money that comes in must also be spent, but this should of course be no more than what the association receives! In addition, they investigate the balance and state of income and expenses, thereby supporting the current Treasurer. They assist the Treasurer with the financial (bi)annual report and signal the board of potential financial risks.

The Financial Committee consists of former treasurers who have a great deal of knowledge about balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and other similar financial issues.

This year the Financial Committee consists of:

Melissa Loonstra (Treasurer ’15 / ’16)
Daphne Bekking (Treasurer ’16 / ’17)
Kirke Lakenman (Treasurer'17 / '18)

Almanac Committee

Every year the ‘Acie’ gets the honorary task of producing the new Almanac (yearbook). For this they design a questionnaire to distribute to the members, so they can write fun stories, and facts about the members of Parafrid! The almanac is produced once a year and thereby also describes the activities that have taken place the past year, the sponsors, and its current members.

This year the Acie consists of:

Claire ten Raa
Iris Splinter
Melina Jager
Willemijn Tuynman

Acquisition Committee

The Acquisition Committee searches for new sponsors and maintains contact with the current sponsors. Every year the acquisition organizes an auction with great offers, where as much money as possible is collected for Parafrid. In addition to the auction, the Acquisition Committee is always looking for more fun ideas to continue to provide Parafrid with a well-filled wallet!

This year the Acquisition Committee consists of: 

Femke Dekker
Nicky de Vries
Claudia Doff

Bar Committee

The ‘Barcie’ is responsible for socializing within the association. The committee always ensures fun at the monthly socials and in addition the Barcie organizes three of its own activities throughout the year, such as cocktail workshops, pub crawls etc.

This year the Barcie consists of:

Jana Lange
Anne Ridder
Marloes Noordkamp
Ceren Zwijnenburg

Events Committee

The ‘Ecie’ is responsible for nearly all the activities within the association. They organise the monthly dinners, the Hubertusride, Sinterklaas, Christmas, trialrides, and of course the legendary members weekend! In addition, the Ecie is very creative and ensures innovative activities for all members every year.

This year the Ecie consists of:

Jitske Hoogland
Laura Poland
Nathalie Kroeze
Maybrit Hansen
Samarja Haakmeester

Editorial Committee

The ‘Redaccie’ is responsible for maintaining the website, the Facebook page, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and not to forget: The Paragraaf. This is Parafrid's club magazine, which is published three times a year. In the Paragraaf the latest news is brought out about all kinds of fun activities where the members of Parafrid have participated.

This year the Redaccie consists of:

Kirke Lakenman
Yeungman Zhou
Erwin Dijkema
Laura van der Leek
Anneke de Vegt

SO Parafrid Committee

The ‘SOPcie’ is responsible for organizing the best weekend of the year: the City Meeting of Parafrid! During this weekend, student riders from all over the Netherlands come to visit us and compete against each other in various dressage and jumping categories. In addition, there is always a fun theme party on Saturday evenings.

This year the SOPcie consists of:

Annis Jalving
Rebecca Reuser
Sophie van Doeveren
Iris Haveman
Emma Ruiter

Promotion Committee

The ‘Promocie’ has the task to make people enthusiastic for the best association in Groningen! This committee is full of enthusiasm and there is no shortage of ideas! As real promotiontigers, the Promocie works to put Parafrid on the Groningen map. You can spot the Promocie in the wild during activities, the KEI week and ESN events!

This year's Promocie consists of:

Seargeoh de Jonge
Femke Dekker
Kirke Lakenman
Marloes Noordkamp
Mark Haccou
Chantal Rikse

Work Action Committee

The ‘Werkaccie’ is an important committee for Parafrid. The Werkaccie raises money to help finance all the fun activities that our association organizes. The Werkaccie does this by contacting large events where we as Parafridders can roll up our sleeves to earn a little money for the association!

This year the Werkaccie consists of:

Rinke Brans
Anoek Hietkamp
Daniel Hultén

The Supervisory Board
The Financial Committee

Our sponsors