Pardon?! A new dispute? Hell yes! Because we were already a lot together as a friend group, we decided to found a new dispute.    

Put a group of pleasantly crazy girls together and you have Pardon ?! How did we come up with this name? Many things we do will make many people think: PARDON ?! For example; impulsively using the following opening sentence on a first date; “Wow you really exist”, making a soup from flowers, climbing on the roof to watch the sunrise as a 7 year old, falling from a balcony, trying to cycle backwards, thinking that cycling with eyes closed is a wise thing to do, locking up a cat in a mega dollhouse , lose keys between the 3 meters distance from your bike to the front door, run after the most dangerous dogs as a small child, play as a 3 year old vacuum cleaner, and scrape your nose and so on.

Our dispute consists of the following people:

Chantal: The brains of this couple with her mathematical knowledge (at least, you would think so)

Claudia: Nice and direct, quite rude but at least always fair.

Emma: A bunch of curls full of self-made, tile-worthy wisdom

Hannah: Ensures that all plates are empty when others leave leftovers

Jessica: Even hungover she is still smooth

Kirke: Still waters have deep, balmy grounds

Marloes: You will never see her write a sentence without typos

Nicky: Keeps all construction workers under control

Rinke: Only with food in her mouth she will be silent

Roosmarijn: The oldest but certainly not always the wisest

Heleen: Our sensible addition to the family, who tends to surprise you unexpectedly.


Despite being a dispute, we are a very open group that wants to be involved with the whole of Parafrid. We will come up with a fun activity for the members in which you can get to know Pardon ?! even better. Of course we also want to make our group even bigger and crazier every year.

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