Old disputes

Pardon?! 2018-2021

Put a group of pleasantly crazy girls together and you have Pardon ?! How did we come up with this name? Many things we do will make many people think: PARDON ?! For example; impulsively using the following opening sentence on a first date; “Wow you really exist”, making a soup from flowers, climbing on the roof to watch the sunrise as a 7 year old, falling from a balcony, trying to cycle backwards, thinking that cycling with eyes closed is a wise thing to do, locking up a cat in a mega dollhouse , lose keys between the 3 meters distance from your bike to the front door, run after the most dangerous dogs as a small child, play as a 3 year old vacuum cleaner, and scrape your nose and so on.

The following people were part of the dispute: Chantal, Claudia, Emma, Hannah, Heleen, Jessica, Kirke, Marloes, Nicky, Rinke en Roosmarijn.

Paradox An apparent contradiction’ 2015-2018

We were founded in 2015-2016 by Joan Slagter and Mirthe Dekker. We then started with the following people: Laura Wassen, Rebecca Beunk, Joan Slagter, Mirthe Dekker, Judith Ekamper, Marijn Oostveen, Stanzi Sijtstra, Patricia Groen, Janneke Bolt, Anoek Hietkamp, Claudia Bekhuis.

The disputes Parasiet, Parodie, Paramaribo, Paraplu, Parabella and the Paralompies have also been adjourned.


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