Events Recap September 2022


On the 11th of September three of our members helped out at the trail ride of horse out events and more. Where they made sure that all the horses crossed the road safely. The wheater was lovely and they received lunch and a goody bag.

Emergency ALV

On the 12th of september Linda van Dijk was sworn in as the new secretary. It was probably one of our shortest ALVs yet since it didnt last longer than 15 minutes.

SO Hippea

From the 17 until the 18th of September we attended so hippea. We had two members competing, Heleen with her LB debut and Eline in the BB. The weekend was lovely and a big thanks to Linda for coming to support us during the competition.

Information evening

On 19 September there was the opportunity to get to know the association and its committees better. The activity was at café de Doos where everyone was given a shot and a welcome drink.

Ecie/Barcie final activity

On September 24th we already had the last activity of our current Ecie and Barcie. The day started with a game of glow-in-the-dark mini golf at de Postwagen. The result was: Meri 1st, Irish H 2nd, and Linda and Tamara 3rd. After that, there was dinner at Napoli.

Running dinner

On September 29, there was the annual running dinner for all the new members. This year there were 2 groups that cycled past the houses of our committee and board members for a delicious meal. The evening ended at café de Doos.

Recap October and November 2022

Recap October and November 2022

Agility and Western Clinic October 1st 

Events Recap June and July 2022

Events Recap June and July 2022

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