Recap October and November 2022

Agility and Western Clinic October 1st 

On a nice Sunday, we drove to Marsum, to go to Stal Lunia for a Western clinic. We rode in two groups, learning the basics of Pleasure, the dressage of Western riding, and barrel racing. Both horses and riders seemed to have a great time barrel racing, galloping over the finish line as fast as they could. We finished the lessons off with a small, friendly competition.

GMA October 6th 

As you probably know by now, the old board “Demantuur” said goodbye to make space for the new Parafrid board “Marwari”. At the GMA the takeover was made official.

Barcie dinner and Halloween drinks October 27th

After a delicious pizza at Happy Italy, Parafridders met up at Cafe de Doos for a spooky Halloween celebration. Iris S won the best costume and received a pumpkin with sweets as well as a shot.

November 5th and 6th - SO Hipac st. Joris

On November 5 and 6, Hipac st Joris organized a student meeting at the Groenewoude riding school in Woudenberg. Congratulations to Tamara Suurd, placing 3rd in the Ba.

November 12th - Hubertus ride

As every year, Parafrid organized a Hubertus ride at the Fjordenpaard in Een. Riders were out and about for two hours, enjoying nature and a bit of adrenaline from all the gallops and jumps.

November 24th - Barcie dinner and drinks

On November 24th, Parafrid organized a dinner at the pancake ship, where members could enjoy unlimited pancakes. Afterward, a party with the theme “Into the jungle” was hosted at De Doos.

Recap December 2022

Recap December 2022

8 December - Sinterklaas On the 8th of December, Sinterklaas was celebrated at the Bongerd. Members each bought 2 gifts, and after a...

Events Recap September 2022

Events Recap September 2022

Workactie On the 11th of September three of our members helped out at the trail ride of horse out events and more. Where they made sure...


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