Club weekend 2021

We started this beautiful weekend at a considerable height in the climbing park. We took on the challenge with beautiful helmets and secured harnesses. We climbed our route past all kinds of obstacles such as hanging ropes, nets and swinging bridges. Then it was time for a nice round of ziplining through the woods of Harkstede. In the end there were even a few brave Parafridders who went one step higher.

When our adrenaline had dropped again in the afternoon, it was time for a nice picnic in the city center of Groningen. Followed by a real treasure hunt with hints and crazy assignments. For some teams, the hints turned out to be a bit more difficult than expected, so that team 'tick bite' became the winner by far. We ended this beautiful day on the terrace of course!

Sunday morning it was time for action again! We received a clinic from our sporty fellow students from Gyas. After we very smoothly put our boats in the water, we got a crash course in rowing (or was it canoeing?). Now we went into the boat ourselves and did our best to get into each other's rhythm, which was very difficult at the beginning. Yet we learned quickly and so we rowed across the water, it was a fantastic experience! In the afternoon the parafridders could of course be found at the riding school De Bongerd. Our annual round of musical chairs was won by Daniël this time! After the games with ponies, the parafridders also had to try the skippy balls. Which team was the fastest? At least we laughed. To end the weekend on a good note, we had dinner together.

Dear Ecie, thank you very much for this unforgettable Parafrid weekend!

You can watch the rest of the pictures on the website!

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