Events Recap June and July 2022

June 11 - mutual jumping competition, bixie, and pas de deux

Once again it was high time for a mutual match at home at the Bongerd. On Saturday June 11th, we were able to go wild in the bixie, jumping, and pas de deux categories. The evening started with the bixie, where the riders rode a course over bars with a few small jumps, very suitable for those who find the jumping just a bit too high! After the bixie, the arena was converted into a beautiful jumping course. The competition was held at heights from 30/40 cm up to and including 80/90 cm. After the last hurdle had been jumped it was time to put the jumps aside for the next part, the pas de deux. The riders rode two-by-two (like a carousel) in groups of two or four people. The tests were ridden to music and with awesome outfits. The whole evening was lovely! The winners of all categories can be seen below (+ Natascha).

June 18 and 19 - SO Solleysel

On the weekend of June 18 and 19, we were welcomed at SO from V.S.R. de Solleysel at riding school 't Hoogt in Utrecht with the circus theme. There were competitions in the classes Ba, Bb, La, and Lb dressage, and B and L jumping. While the friends' day was going on at home, Heleen Scholten and Jessica Pearson competed for 1st place in Utrecht. Heleen won 2nd place in B jumping and Jessica took 1st place in La dressage!

June 19 - Friends' Day

On Sunday the 19th of June some parafridders and their friends came to the stables to participate in friends day! Together, we received a vaulting lesson from Marlot and enjoyed the challenge. After completing our set of tricks, we went to the canteen to enjoy some drinks and snacks.

24, 25, and 26 June - club weekend Les Cheveux Buinen

On June 24, some of our members left for the club weekend. After a tour of the site, a delicious cocktail was handed out. Teams had already been created for the weekend, each team based on a country. The Ecie had made a crazy 88 for the entire weekend, in which these teams could perform weird assignments to earn points. The winner was team Egypt! The team costumes were shown in the evening, and everyone looked beautiful. On Saturday we started with a treasure hunt, after which we went horseback riding for the rest of the day. There was a choice of a jumping lesson, a forest ride, and a sitting lesson. After dinner, a very successful comedy was held with each team coming up with a fun skit. On Sunday the last lessons were dressage, TREC, and outdoor rides. We are also very proud of some of our novice members, Sophie and Farah, and Asala, all 3 who cantered independently for the first time on Sunday. Thank you Les Chevaux for a super fun club weekend!

first canters

July 9 and 10: SOP

On the weekend of the 9th and 10th of July, it was Parafrid's turn to host the SO! Students from all over the country competed in the categories Ba, Bb, La, Lb, and M dressage and B and L jumping! It was a fun weekend with the theme 1 for Balls, Balls for one, and at night we had fun with the ball bingo and other games prepared by the SOPcie. Parafrid took home the team prize, with Tamara placing 3rd in the Ba, Linda 4th in Bb, Melina first in the Bb, Sylvana 1st in La, Noa 2nd in M dressage, Anouk 2nd in B jumping, and Hannah 1st in B jumping. Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you to the SOPcie for working so hard to pull off this fantastic weekend!

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