Ecie dinner + Ecie final activity

Last Thursday was already time for the last Ecie dinner and activity of the year! First we had a delicious dinner at Het Pakhuis where we could choose between a wrap🌯 or a jacket potato 🥔. After filling our bellies, it was time for some exercise so we bowled fanatically🎳! In the beginning we had to warm up a bit, but at the end we became quite competitive and the cones got knocked over in no time! It was great fun and a great end of the year thanks to our Ecie!



Yesterday was already the last Parafrid activity of the year: the trail rides at manege Gasselte! For two hours we rode in two groups...

Friends day

Friends day

With a nice glance back at 'Friends Day', which always gives surprising impressions, I am writing this article. How often do we riders...


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