Ecie dinner + Ecie final activity

Last Thursday was already time for the last Ecie dinner and activity of the year! First we had a delicious dinner at Het Pakhuis where we could choose between a wrap🌯 or a jacket potato 🥔. After filling our bellies, it was time for some exercise so we bowled fanatically🎳! In the beginning we had to warm up a bit, but at the end we became quite competitive and the cones got knocked over in no time! It was great fun and a great end of the year thanks to our Ecie!



Yesterday was already the last Parafrid activity of the year: the trail rides at manege Gasselte! For two hours we rode in two groups...

Final Barcie activity

Final Barcie activity

Last Friday it was already time for the final Barcie activity. We were welcomed at Beer Brewery De Prael, where we could enjoy different...


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