Lustrum VNSK

Last weekend it was time for the Lustrum VNSK! Saturday afternoon a group of 8 Para"knights" travelled to Manege 't Hoogt 🏇🏼 in Utrecht to keep the Parafrid honor high and this wasn't for nothing, because Parafrid fought so well during the SO's this year, the overall team prize went to Parafrid this year, which meant that we received a nice trophy 🏆. We also got a second price 🥈 as the second best team of the weekend.

Also, this weekend the Dutch championship for student riders was ridden; in the Ba a third place for Twan 🥉, in the Bb a third place for Samarja 🥉 and in the Bb our own chairwoman (Heleen) DUTCH CHAMPION 🏅!! In the M there was a third place for Anne S🥉 and in the L jumping Iris H became reserve champion 🎖. 
All in all it was a very successful weekend!



Yesterday was already the last Parafrid activity of the year: the trail rides at manege Gasselte! For two hours we rode in two groups...


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