Get Together hours

About this event

Date and time
Jun 14, 2021 19:00 - 22:00

Dear Parafridders,

to be a bit more active in my role as councelor and to maintain contact among you members, I have decided to set up ‘Get Together’ evenings. During these evenings I will be available to have a chat, talk about what’s on your mind or tell your story. These evenings will be from 7-10PM. The idea is that, when you feel the need, you can Whatsapp me in between these hours, so we can meet at Skype right at that moment or a while later. It can be for absolutely everything, and it’s just to provide the possibility and to lower the treshold to talk to about things. Of course it is still possible to contact me outside these hours.

The first upcoming Get Together evenings are:

  • The 31st of May
  • The 14th of June

Hopefully and perhaps until then!

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