Online clinic: The vertical (im)balance of a horse

About this event

Bestuur '20-'21
Date and time
Jun 6, 2021 20:00 - 20:00

In this 2-part online workshop you will learn more about the vertical (im)balance of a horse. This balance influences everything when we ride or train a horse. When we do not correct this balance it can be really difficult for the horse to relax his long back muscle and work in a proper forward down position.

You will learn to recognize this vertical balance and how you can influence it in a positive way. Because of that the long back muscle can relax and the horse will automatically go in a forward down position.

During part one you will also get some exercises which you can practice immediately when you ride.

The second part of the workshop is two weeks later. You can ask your question and we discuss some video’s. It’s possible to send in some of your own video’s for feedback. You will get some more tips to improve the vertical balance and to develop a good feeling for it.

We close with a quiz to check the knowledge you build up during this online workshop. Sign up by mailing to before the Friday the 14th of May. The cost will be 10 euros per person. The clinics will be held in English.

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