Mutual jumping competition, bixie and pas de deux

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SO Parafrid commissie
Date and time
Jun 11, 2022 18:30 - 22:00
Manege de Bongerd

On the 11th of June, from 6.30 P.M., the yearly jumping competition will take place at Manege de Bongerd. This year, with a twist. At the same evening as the jumping competition, there will also be a Bixie competition and a pas de deux! We’ve called this our Jump de Bixie 😊. What is that you ask?

  • Jumping: you can jump at different heights: 30-40 cm, 40-50 cm, 50-60 cm, 60-70 cm, 70-80 cm or 80-90 cm. Depending on the registrations, we will make a number of groups with matching heights of the jumps. Because the Bongerd wants to have clear insight into your level of jumping, it is mandatory to have followed at least one jumping lesson at De Bongerd.
  • Bixie: a parcours with cavaletti on the ground and a small jump. For this, you need to be able to walk and trot independently, but you DO NOT have to have any experience in jumping. In doubt if you can join? Let us or the board know and then we will think about it together.


  • Pas de deux: A dressage test with music, while two riders are riding next to each other. You can compete with two riders or more. We would like it if you can think of a theme during the pas the deux and conforming music we can play during the test. This way you can earn more points!

It is possible to perform the standard parcours with or without canter (see attachments of the announcements), but you can also create one yourself with the same amount of elements as in the standard parcours.


It will cost a maximum of €10,- per person per category. Note that it is obligatory to wear a bodyprotector in both jumping as the bixie. You can rent this at the Bongerd, Parafrid will pay the costs.

You can sign up and out without costs until the 4th of June via de website.

In your application, let us know what category you want to join (jumping, bixie and/or pas de deux), and which two horses have your preference for each category. We can’t guarantee that you can ride on 1 of those 2 horses, but we will do our best! If you want to jump, let us know at which jumping height you want to start. For pas de deux we need to know which parcours you are going to be riding.

In doubt if you can compete or in which category? Ask someone from the committee ( or via whatsapp) or from the board. We will help you.



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