Ice Skating Clinic

Last Monday 8 Parafridders went ice skating at Tjas. Multiple exercises were explained to us, like skating in a train and stepping. I can already hear you thinking: stepping, what’s that? Well.. then you should’ve been there! We ended the clinic with a relay race and we quickly discovered who were the fastest of the group. It was a very nice afternoon and we all returned unscathed (but with some bruises). Yet, it turned out that the best butts of Groningen are those that sit on horses ;)

SO Blok

SO Blok

Met een groep van 9 Parafridders zijn we 7 en 8 maart richting Amsterdam gegaan. Doordat ze bezig zijn met verbouwen was de ingang wel...

SO Concorde

SO Concorde

De 19 Parafridders zijn zondag veilig teruggekomen vanuit Eindhoven na een succesvol weekend bijĀ ESRV Concorde. Ondanks het lange reizen...


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