Dressage Competition

Last Saturday the annual dressage competition of Parafrid took place. Despite some cancellations, we had enough Parafrid Power to shine with our horses / ponies and compete for the best points! Some nice points were given, despite the fact that some horses found it a bit difficult to stay within the white fences (think outside the box, right?). We also got to meet the newest family member of the Bongerd on Saturday: Asterix! Asterix is a beautiful teddy bear ... erhm ... haflinger who also did very well with the competition. Unfortunately we will have to wait a little longer to experience Asterix in real life, but it is definitely worth the wait. Another shout out to all the volunteers, the Ecie, and the board who ensured that the evening went as smoothly as possible!

SO Blok

SO Blok

Met een groep van 9 Parafridders zijn we 7 en 8 maart richting Amsterdam gegaan. Doordat ze bezig zijn met verbouwen was de ingang wel...


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