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Parafrid celebrated its 35th anniversary on April 8, 2021. Normally there is a lustrum celebration for an entire weekend, but due to the corona virus this will not be possible this year. We will of course ensure that we can organize an amazing weekend in September to properly celebrate the anniversary (the 'lustrum'). However, an anniversary celebration close to the real date could not be missed. Therefore, on Saturday April 17th it was time for the lustrum pub quiz, and, of course, for the announcement of the theme! The pub quiz was divided into 4 rounds; a Parafrid round, 2 rounds about horse facts and a round about the theme of the lustrum. A lustrum is of course not complete without the former members / alumni of Parafrid. Many e-mails were sent out to alumni members, which also resulted in multiple registrations. Everyone was divided into groups of 3/4 active members and / or alumni. Concentrated, and with the spirit to win, everyone set to work on the pub quiz questions. Discussions were held about the correct answer, but these were al resolved has all been resolved. The result was very exciting, because all groups were very close to each other in terms of scores. In the end, the group "Golden Girls " won with 37 out of 40 points. This group consisted of only alumni members! Then it was time to announce the anniversary theme. The chosen theme for this anniversary is…… The Great Gatsby !!! It will be a lustrum weekend full of fun horse-related activities and fun other activities with its associated Glitter & Glamour. Everyone who attended the pub quiz was already looking forward to the anniversary weekend in September. We are looking forward to all your registrations (once they open of course).

Almanak social

Almanak social

What I want to tell about the almanac social in the present moment may be a thing of the past, but future readers would have wished they...

Redaccie column March 2021

Redaccie column March 2021

Happy Easter!


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