Almanak social

What I want to tell about the almanac social in the present moment may be a thing of the past, but future readers would have wished they were there. We went, just like the theme of the almanac: Back To The Future! We started the game in 30 seconds, but then 35 seconds long and with terms like Flux capacitor and 1.21 gigawatts. Would you like to know what all that is? Don't ask the participants of the almanac social, because they need to see the triologist, ehh, trilogy first. We played a variant of 'who's most likely to ...', including multiple choice questions based on the completed almanac questionnaires. For example, did you know that Patricia used to like 'Pieter Posten'? What it exactly means is too explicit to write here, so you'll have to ask her yourself. Finally we went to play 'Drunk Pirate', where I (Jarna) went hard on the Fristi, Iris Haveman was actually already asleep in bed and the Flugel splashed off the screen (and on Patricia's desk). After that, things continued for a long time in the Google Meet with many thanks to the Barcie and the Acie!



p.s. you can pick up the Almanac from the stables from this week onwards!!

Trailride at Gasselte

Trailride at Gasselte

Last weekend it was time again for the first physical ecie activity of the year! Parafridders left for Gasselte to explore the woods...

Lustrum activity

Lustrum activity

Parafrid celebrated its 35th anniversary on April 8, 2021. Normally there is a lustrum celebration for an entire weekend, but due to the...


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