Friends day

About this event

Evenementen commissie
Date and time
Jun 22, 2019 17:30 - 18:30
Manege de Bongerd

Yes, it’s time for Friends day again! So drag your friends, brother, mother or anyone to the stables to meet the world of horse-riding! On the 22nd of June it is your chance to bring 1 or 2 persons to the stables and spend an evening with the horses (start from 5.30 PM). This person will be riding for half an hour and afterwards you can both enjoy some snacks. You will accompany and help this person, and we will be riding in small groups. The costs will be 10 euros (need to be brought in cash) per person for riding and snacks. You can sign up and out without costs until Sunday the 16th of June. You can sign up by sending an email to with the following info:

·       Name Parafrid member and friend:

·       Length and weight friend:

·       Allergies/Diets:

It is very important that you bring your own riding helmet, maybe it doesn’t fit the person you brought, but maybe it will fit someone else. Please make sure your friend wears correct shoes (a heel of 2 cm) and a comfortable pair of trousers. Riding helmets and riding shoes can also be borrowed at the stables. That’s how we keep the day safe!

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